Hired as a full-time Professor of Film & Television Production in 1984, Kabelik focused mainly on teaching the principles of documentary filmmaking. His early initiatives included combining FILM and VIDEO into a single production stream and convincing the management to adopt new technologies thus making Sheridan the first Canadian educational institution to use a non-linear video editing system (AVID) and a high-definition image acquisition standard (HDTV). Past President of the CINEGRAD student film festival, in 1999 he designed the curriculum for Sheridan’s new Advanced Television and Film Post-Graduate Program. One year later he brought the school into the CILECT (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinema et de Television) family of major international film schools. In 2013 Kabelik was invited to become an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of York University specializing in documentary films. He retired from both institutions in 2015.




(Selected projects)


2014 BLIND DATE    Matthew Kennedy (M.A. York University)

2013 RAMP  RESIGHT      Sama Waham  (Hot Docs festival premiere) (Sheridan ATVF)

 2012 MIMOS    Haya Waseem  (Media Arts, Sheridan College)

2011 FIRE ACADEMY   Kyle Power  (Hot Docs festival premiere)

 2009 THE FRESH WATER PLAGUE Jake Chirico  (Hot Docs festival premiere)

 2007 POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS  Neha Gandhi  (Documentary Producer - India)

  2004 ONE OF THOSE THINGS  Charles Wahl  (Global TV)

2002 IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT  Tanny Chia   (Singapore - Gemini Award nominee)

  2002 MADD DOG    Cheralynn Brighton (BBC - London)

2002 STAMPS    Ted Bezaire  (Director of “The Birder”)

  2002 THE POOR MADE BY GOD  Yu Qian  (China - Phoenix TV)

2001 ANIMATICA    Richie Mehta  (Director of “Amal”)

2001 A MOTH AND THE BUTTERFLY Gilbert Kwong  (M.A. York University)

2001 LEFT HANDED   Baoqui Ye  (China - Academy Awards submission)

2001 POP TOTS    Erin Faith Young (Academy Award nominee)

2001 WHEN THE SKY WAS BORN  Marc Cohen  (Producer / Educator)

2001 CORPORATE LOCKDOWN  Sarah Zammit  (Associate Producer to Allan King)

2001 I’M KHMER    Sarorn Sim, Steven Bray (OLN – “Departures” TV series)

1994 JOE FINK    Roy Belding  (CBC - Producer)


Gemini and CSA (Canadian Screen Awards) documentary jury member

Ph.D. Project Examiner in documentary filmmaking, Griffith University, Australia

M.F.A. Project Examiner in documentary, York University, Toronto, Canada

Hiring Committee Appraiser, Columbia College, Chicago, USA